Southeast Technical Sales

Manufacturer’s Representative for CAEN, Specializing in Instrumentation for Experimental High-Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Safeguards, Detection and Non-Proliferation, and related fields.

SE Technical Sales (SETS) has been the proud representative for CAEN and CAEN Technologies since 2004. SETS is a specialized manufacturer’s representative company based in upstate South Carolina. SETS provides sales and first level technical support services for all CAEN products, with a territory that extends throughout the southern U.S. from Washington D.C. to southern California.

Our customers are primarily located at DOE research laboratories (LANL, SNS, ORNL, JLAB), at research universities with a focus on physics and nuclear engineering, and at private companies.


CAEN specializes in waveform digitizers for digital signal processing, Digital Multi-Channel Analyzers, HV for detector bias, ASIC-based readout solutions, front end electronics, and powered crates and accessories. Form factors include NIM, VME, on-detector and desktop.  CAEN SyS is a division of CAEN which provides systems for safeguards and non-proliferation as well as radiation detection and monitoring.

CAEN is also the sole worldwide distributor for Weeroc and the exclusive U.S. distributor for NALU Scientific. Weeroc and Nalu design high end microelectronics for photo-detection, medical imaging, and experimental applications which require highly accurate time and energy information.

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